The Port MARINA PALAMÓS aims to promote and facilitate the practice of water sports, prioritizing the respect and preservation of the natural environment in which it carries out its activities and its surroundings.

In order to meet these objectives, the port has implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System that actively promotes practices related to sustainability to achieve:

  • Promote responsible water and energy consumption.

  • Promote the energy transition and sustainable mobility through the generation, storage and self-consumption of renewable energy.

  • Ensuring proper waste management and prevention of environmental pollution

  • Actively promote innovative projects for the conservation and regeneration of the marine environment in the port and its surroundings.


Climate action

Adherence to the Climate Action commitments of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Renewable energies: Electricity self-sufficiency

  1. Electricity generation via photovoltaic solar energy.
  2. Reduction of consumption through LED technology.
  3. Promote responsible consumption.

Promote sustainable mobility through the installation of charging spots for electric vehicles.

CO2 absorption through the implantation of almost 4,000 new plants of various species that easily adapt to the marine environment and the geographical area of ​​the port.

Neutralization of polluting gases produced by vehicles through the installation of photo-catalytic pavements.

Management of dock and residual waters.

Sustainable management through the purification of wastewater produced in the work area.

Cleaning campaign of the seabed of the port. Every year, before summer. You can participate!

Anchoring buoys Cala Seniá and S’Alguer Boies salguerisenia

Regeneration of marine life

Biodiversity regeneration systems through the application and combination of state-of-the-art scientific innovations.

An innovative and exciting project that we have been part of since 2021.

2023 Monitoring Report

Waste management system

Installations for the collection and segregation of similar urban waste.

Installations for the collection and segregation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated in the maintenance of boats.

Use of Renewable Energy

Marina Palamós, within its commitment to the energy transition, is firmly committed to self-generation and self-consumption of electricity with a photovoltaic solar energy source.

Read our Environmental Report to see all the details.

Photovoltaic Solar Installation for Self-consumption on the roof of the Business Building and Pergola: