This March 4th we celebrate the Sea Urchin Gastronomic Day in the port!

An event where you can taste the freshest sea urchins of the Costa Brava with a musical performance by “Litus al Cub” and wine tasting to accompany the day. There will also be inflatables for the little ones. It starts at 11 in the morning.

For this reason, in this blog we talk about this interesting marine animal.

The sea urchin, like many marine animals, has a very long life expectancy. It can exceed 100 years of age.

They are echinoderms and like starfish, they are primitive animals with pentaradial symmetry (divided into 5 equal parts). They live in rocky and deep areas and do not have eyes, but they are capable of capturing light and this helps them orient themselves.

They share genetics with us, with similarities in embryonic development. Their immune system is very strong, with the genetic ability to resist and neutralize chemical threats. They have one of the most complex immune systems in the world, with more than 200 types of receptors.

The sea urchin is in season in the first months of the year and there are almost 1000 different species. They are found all over the world and we have been eating them for thousands of years.

The edible part of the sea urchin is called gonads or yolks. They are orange in color and elongated, like tongues. They should be consumed when the animal is opened, due to its delicacy one of the best ways to taste them raw. In Japanese gastronomy it is a common component in sushi and sashimi dishes and is considered one of the most sophisticated delicacies that exist. It is a product that requires minimal handling and maximum freshness. The water inside it enriches broths and soups.

We recommend this video of “Despensa Mediterrànea” where the entire process of the sea on the plate is shown:

We hope you have enjoyed this information and feel like trying this sea delicacy.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the unique flavors of the sea urchin at the gastronomic event that we celebrate in the port on March 4!

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