OceanCats is dedicated to the observation of the marine environment taking advantage of its main activity which is ocean rowing, collecting samples while sailing.

The objective of OceanCats is to make society aware of the need to protect the seas and oceans.
Specifically, making known the current problems of plastics and microplastics.

Its action channels are:
Schools: They visit public educational centers and foundations that work with people with intellectual disabilities and at risk of social exclusion in order to transmit the message with educational, entertaining and fresh material.
Science: They carry out scientific sampling of microplastics along the Palamós coastline and on its journeys, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, ​​in order to determine the origin of microplastic contamination and find a root solution.
Sports: They carry out sports challenges and long-distance crossings in order to attract the interest of the media and thus spread the message of awareness to as many people as possible.

This 2022 they have planned 3 long-distance crossings:
Valencia – Ibiza – Valencia (300km, 5 days)
Barcelona – Columbretes Islands (275km, 4 days)
The Atlantic ocean. La Gomera – Antigua (5000km, 35-40 days)

In 2019, Port Marina Palamós signed a collaboration agreement with OceanCats because all its work, both sports and environmental, seemed very interesting to us and we decided to offer ourselves as a base port. Where today is their fascinating rowing boat that allows them to make extensive journeys.

Within this collaboration we have an event by and for OceanCats scheduled for May 15, pay attention to our Instagram for more information.

Here is their website: oceancats.org
You can also follow them on Instagram: instagram.com/oceancatsatlanticorowing