For 2 years now, the Associació Amics de les Illes Formigues has been collaborating with Palamós City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya to carry out the “Save the Posidonia” campaign. From Port Marina Palamós, we collaborate with them for the dissemination of this information so relevant to the safeguarding of our coastline.

What does the campaign consist of?
It is an action to raise awareness of the need to protect and care for our seabed.

What is Posidonia?
Posidonia is an underwater plant endemic to the Mediterranean. It is the “home” of many species and provides the material with which beach sand is formed, a function similar to that of Caribbean coral, among other positive effects for the natural environment.
It is a great ally in the fight against global warming: posidonia meadows collect large amounts of CO2 and we remind you that the sea provides between 50 and 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere.
We are facing a timeless treasure that we must preserve, some samples indicate that they reach 100,000 years old!

One of the causes of their disappearance are the anchors of recreational boats.
This is where we can directly help by ensuring that the anchoring is done on sand and leaving an extra 10 meters of chain to give stability to the boat.

Please, whether you are a navigator or not, consult the diptych about Posidonia.
This leaflet contains indicative maps of the position of posidonia in the coves on the coast closest to Port Marina Palamós, where we usually anchor.
You can also download the “CarryMap” app and download the “FanCat layer”, it will show you where the posidonia meadows are all over the Catalan coast.

We appreciate your cooperation as a sailor and, therefore, we expect a commitment to the maximum possible care of the environment where the maritime activities you love take place.

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