Today we are talking about the Associació Gironina d’Amics de la Mar, AGAM.

Founded on November 17, 1981 by a group of people from Girona who are very fond of the sea, headed by the journalist Miquel Gil.

If you have done the math, indeed last year they celebrated their 40th birthday!

Its objective is to improve the quality of the local seafaring hobby, awakening interest in the particular stories and culture that the various seafaring activities have generated in the coastal town.

Among the activities carried out by AGAM, the monthly conferences given at the Girona House of Culture stand out. The themes can be “Maritime history and culture”, oceanography, nautical and navigation, fishing, meteorology, literature and marine gastronomy.

These conferences stand out for the quality of their speakers: archaeologists such as Xavier Nieto, Gustau Vivar, Rut Geli and Marcel Pujol; the captains of the Merchant Navy and professor at the Faculty of Nautical Francesc Lleal and Agustí Martín; the directors of the Museu Marítim de Barcelona Enric Garcia i de la Pesca de Palamós Miquel Martí; the historian of the same museum Alfons Garrido; the navigators Sergi Medir and Alber Mir, the tintinologist Joan Manuel Soldevilla; the researcher at the Barcelona Institute of Sea Sciences Jordi Salat, etc.

Conferences scheduled for the following months:

December 14 at the House of Culture of Girona
Lecture by Dr. Agustín Martín i Mallofré, Dean of the Faculty of Nautica in Barcelona. Title: Cap els vaixells del segle XXI.

For the next quarter they are preparing important conferences such as:
Biology: The recovery of pearl shells, by Dr. Joan Ignasi Gairín i Deulofeu, IRTA biologist.
Natural Environment: Dra. Purificació Canals i Ventín, president of the Xarxa d’Àrees Protegides de la Mediterrània and participant in the current Climate Summit in Sharm el Sheikh.
Dates will be announced later.

In addition to the conferences, they offer a Latin Sailing course. Focused on all those who are interested in learning to navigate traditional sailing boats from our coast. Minimum age 12 years.
The possibility of taking the theoretical part to obtain the PNB title (Basic Navigation Pattern) is offered. In collaboration with l’Escola Nàutica Mediñá. All for a price of 50 euros. Minimum 12 hours, 3 Saturdays.
If you are interested, contact

And for February 2023 they are organizing an excursion to Barcelona to visit the Swedish ship Götheborg at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona and eat at the restaurant inside the same museum. Interested write to the same email

They are very good people and, as you know, these small projects benefit from any support.

You can find AGAM on their website or on their Instagram:

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