We have recently published the 2022 Environmental Declaration and we have validated the EMAS accreditation, which we have had since 2008 and until 2026.

You may be wondering: What is exactly an environmental declaration?

The objective of the environmental statement is to provide the public and other interested parties with environmental information regarding the environmental impact and performance of the organization, in addition to reflecting the continuous improvement of environmental performance within the organization.

To carry out this work, use is made of the environmental management and audit system called EMAS.

What is EMAS?
From gencat.com:
EMAS is a voluntary use tool available to any organization that operates in an economic sector in the European Union or outside the European Union and that wants to:

1. Assume environmental and economic responsibility.
2. Improve your environmental behavior.
3. Communicate their environmental results to society and interested parties in general.

In general, environmental management systems, such as EMAS, help organizations to improve the efficiency of their resources, reduce risks and set an example with the public declaration of good practices.

At Port Marina Palamós we make a strong commitment to respect and care for the environment where nautical sports activities take place. Mitigating the effect of our activity as much as possible and promoting actions in favor of the environment such as:

· Electricity Generation via Photovoltaic Solar Energy: We generate a total of 265,028 KWh per year, which covers 60% of the annual consumption of electrical energy.

· Consumption reduction through LED technology.

· CO2 absorption through the implantation of almost 4,000 new plants: Vegetation of various species that easily adapt to the marine environment and the geographical area of the port.

· Neutralization of polluting gases produced by vehicles through the installation of photo-catalytic pavements.

· Waste management systems: We have facilities for the collection and segregation of urban waste. And facilities for the collection and segregation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated in the maintenance of boats.

· Dock and residual water management.

· Sustainable management through the purification of wastewater produced in the work area.

· Regeneration of marine life: We have 12 LBU (Life Boosting Unit) systems, they are marine structures made of calcium carbonate, a natural material such as coral, which mimic nature, creating real ecosystems. In the last 12 months we have welcomed more than 70 marine species, we have generated 1.9kg of biomass and 8869kg of oxygen. You can check the exact data live on the OceanEcoestructures app.

You can find all the documentation and detailed information in our Environment section.

You can consult our Environmental Declaration 2022.

We appreciate the collaboration and participation of all parties involved with the commitment to the maximum possible care of the environment.

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