Noa18nusos is a project that was born in 2008 as a result of personal concern for the knowledge and discovery of marine fauna that lives in the waters of the Mediterranean. And of the passion for navigation, especially sailing. In 2018 it was constituted as an “association” with two objectives:
First, to establish a new data collection methodology that provides useful information on the observations of the different species of cetaceans, for the study and better knowledge of their behavior.
Second, to become a platform for the defense of these marine animals and consequently for the protection and conservation of the environment in which they live. That is, do science and awareness.

Port Marina Palamós signed a collaboration agreement in force since 2018, contributing its grain of sand to the Noa18nusos project, offering itself as a base port in which to carry out its operations.
These operations consist of recording the observations that are made directly from a boat, by the team members and collaborators, with photographic documentation. A wide variety of data is collected that you can consult in the annual technical report. These sightings are made in a radius very close to the Port Marina Palamós, in the Canó de la Fonera area, in front of Cap de Begur, a surprising fact that so much cetacean life can be so close.
Annually they schedule sessions where they present their technical report and raise awareness about the proper behavior of sailors in an encounter with cetaceans.

Here is the 2021 technical report: Informe técnic 2021. Noa18nusos
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